International Opening Conference – Business Resilience

The CBL / Business & Liability Research Network, welcomes you to its international opening conference on 25 and 26 January 2018. The theme of the Conference is Business Resilience.

Business resilience has emerged as a response to the decreasing lifespan of businesses and the inability of key stakeholders to adequately address issues of preparedness and responsiveness to incremental change and sudden business disruptions. This international conference on business resilience emphasizes drivers of change and responsiveness to change from three perspectives:

  • Technology as driver of change to the organisation and corporate governance of businesses.
  • Long-term value creation as driver of change in capital markets, corporate governance and businesses.
  • Directors’ duties and liabilities as drivers of change in directors’ willingness to take risks.

In association with Legal Postgraduate Education ( and, we are pleased to announce that Dutch lawyers will receive a certification of a maximum of 8 PO NOvA at full presence (5 PO NOvA for attending the first day and 3 PO NOvA for the second day of the Conference).


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25th January 2018

09.00-09.30     Registration and coffee

09.30-09.45     Carel Stolker (opening)

09.45-10.15     Jaap Winter (keynote speaker)

10.15-10.45     Pieter Bouw (speaker Long Term Value Creation)

10.45-11.15     Panel discussion Long Term Value Creation (Guy van Asten, Tineke Lambooy, Ji Li, Jaap van Manen, Daan Schipper)

11.15-11.45     Coffee

11.45-12.15     Iris Wuisman (speaker Implications of Technology)

12.15-12.45     Panel discussion Implications of Technology (Morshed Mannan, Marloes Pomp, Erik Vermeulen, Iris Wuisman)

13.00-14.00     Lunch

14.00-15.30     Parallel sessions

(i) Academic workshop: Long Term Value Creation as Driver of Change

(moderators: Niek Zaman and Thy Pham)

(ii) Academic workshop: Technology as Driver of Change

(moderators : Erik Vermeulen and Iris Wuisman)

15.30-16.00     Coffee

16.00-16.30     Reflections from Workshop and Panel

16.30-16.45     Jean-Pierre van der Rest (closing)

16.45-18.00     Drinks

18.30-22.00     Dinner (by invitation only)

26th January 2018

09.00-09.30     Registration and coffee

09.30-09.45     Jean-Pierre van der Rest (opening)

09.45-10.15     Reinout Vriesendorp (keynote speaker)

10.15-10.45     Michal Barlowski (speaker Director’s Liability)

10.45-11.15     Panel discussion Insolvency and Directors’Liability (Jan Adriaanse, Yvette Borrius, Stephan Madaus, Mincke Melissen, Thy Pham)

11.15-11.45     Coffee

11.45-13.00     Parallel sessions

(i) Academic workshop: Cause Investigation

(moderator: Jan Adriaanse)

(ii) Academic workshop: Behavioural Implications of Failure and Directors’ Liability

(moderator: Reinout Vriesendorp)

13.00-14.00     Closing & Lunch

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Partnership Opportunities

The CBL / Business & Liability Research Network Opening Conference provides for great networking opportunities. We invite you to come to our Conference as well as to register your firm as a partner of the Conference. A wide range of sponsorship opportunities are available. Make sure your firm gets exposure at our event! For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Jessie Pool via [email protected].